High Quality River & Fishing Boats!

Featuring Weldcraft 19 & 20' Saber, 18' Renegade, 198 X, 202 Rebel, 18 & 20' Angler

Why Buy a Weldcraft?
Just One Look & You'll Recognize that
Weldcraft boats are something special. 
They've tackled the planet's fiercest rapids, tamed the open sea and been a platform for indelible memories, fellowship & fun.
You'll Discover the long tradition of excellence in Weldcraft Boats that is found in every weld & every corner of each & every boat.

#1  Bottom Design
This is no ordinary welded aluminum boat. With a  dramatic reverse chine design - available on its' outboard models - Weldcraft's 
captures water & diverts it down,  so you enjoy superior lift & performance. The bold reverse chine design provides stability, planing performance, minimum planing speed & terrific
 acceleration. The end result is better control, a smoother ride and better fuel economy.

#2 Design

Certified corrosion resistant designs with hundreds of fine details that add-up to make Weldcraft boats better than the rest. Take the unique gunwale design or trademark sidewalls for instance. Each of these elements provides an important benefit you'll enjoy every time you're on the water. 
Wide gunwales, for example, make excellent tread areas for getting in & out of
 your boat. They also provide a flat mounting surface for downriggers & other hardware. Windshields are generously cut so you have a full, unobstructed view of the water ahead. With Plenty of Space to walk-through the windshields, you'll have the room to move freely from one end of the boat to the other.

#3 Skilled Workers
Quality is no accident
. Weldcraft quality is the product of master builders who painstakingly craft each & every boat. The Snake River Valley's long been known as one of the world's great boat
building centers & Weldcraft has been there from the beginning. Weldcraft attracts the Industry's Top Talent which equates into spectacular boats. You'll see it in the welds, in every contour of every Weldcraft... the trademark skill that goes into every boat Weldcraft builds.

#4 Construction
Weldcraft transforms heavy gauge plate aluminum into flowing all-welded designs capable of running savage whitewater, heaving oceans & wind-whipped reservoirs. From massive box girder runners that are welded the entire length of the bottom, providing stout support, to uncommonly rigid bow bracing, Weldcraft builds upon a rock solid infrastructure that is the foundation of every boat. Add to that premium components, hundreds of feet of weld, all-seasons flooring material & creative engineering that's applied to every inch of every Weldcraft. A dedicated team initiates every boat, analyzing every detail & understanding the applications these boats will be used in. You'll call it,
"All-Welded Fun"!

#5 History
History is the difference between doing it right & wrong. It's something earned through customer experiences & countless miles of water.  Since 1968, Weldcraft has been tempting the limits of belief in crafting the world's finest all-welded aluminum boats. These are boats designed to tackle the planet's fiercest waters time & again providing a level of comfort & sureness that's unchallenged. This level of excellence takes time... and history, history you'll find from stem-to-stern in every Weldcraft boat.

#6 RMG
Weldcraft's parent company, Renaissance Marine Group (RMG), is the leading builder of heavy gauge all-welded aluminum boats including Duckworth Boats.
 RMG is the only heavy gauge welded aluminum boat builder that can offer a higher 
level of customer support through it's vast dealer network, which is an enormously important benefit of Weldcraft ownership.

#7 Delta Vee

The running surface is a most critical element in any boat. It's a careful combination of precise angles and a true, sturdy surface that combines to generate optimum performance... something every boater demands. The Delta Vee bottom Weldcraft's developed provides the stability, planing performance & running surface necessary to achieve excellent performance at all speeds.

#8 Extrusions
Solid, one-piece extrusions bind the bottom & sides of the boat & are used in the most critical stress areas of every Weldcraft. The tongue-and-groove design of these extrusions hold plate aluminum sheets firmly in place which are then welded along with their length resulting in an ultra-durable bond. The keel strip, chine and, toe rail, all rely on these sturdy extrusions to add unrivaled strength & integrity to every Weldcraft boat.

#9 Resale Value
Protect your  investment by purchasing a brand that has broad appeal, a well known name & a successful history. I've heard time & again from Weldcraft owners who have been pleasantly surprised by how well their Weldcraft held its' value. Reduce your cost of ownership --- buy a Weldcraft!

#10 Long Life
Weldcraft's limited lifetime warranty reflects the commitment, construction and attention to detail Weldcraft's known for. Weldcraft's hull warranty is something we've been providing for decades. Thanks to thousands of customers who use their Weldcraft's under some of the harshest conditions, we know how well these boats hold up. "Lifetime durable" isn't just a fast phrase it's a mindset practiced every day at Weldcraft boats


Kicker Motors
One very popular option many of my clients add to their Weldcraft Boat is a "Kicker Motor" for the purpose of trolling at lower speeds on the river, lakes or ocean. The typical horse power for this application is 9.9. The Mercury Pro-Kicker series or Yamaha High Thrust 9.9 motors mount easily to a transom or swim deck platform with a bracket.

Mercury 9.9 Pro Kicker

Kicker Motors can come with a few options themselves, such as electric start, power trim as well as an added Panther Steer product for controlling the motor from the driver's seat of the boat. Prices vary on these outboards, but range from $3600 to $4800.

Call Rick for Details

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Exceptional Aluminum Boats for Sale!

Weldcraft River Jet Boats for Sale
Weldcraft Jet Boats are Premium Grade Boats featuring a True Reverse Chine design, which provides You Excellent control! You'll find Weldcraft Boats to VERY appealing to the eye and VERY Well-Equipped in their price point. But Good Looks alone doesn't make an Extraordinary Boat - Meticulous attention to Detail, Clean Welds & High Grade Materials combine in
Each & Every Weldcraft Boat!

There's Better Handling in a Weldcraft Boat!

Weldcraft True Reverse Chine with Solid Aluminum Extrusion

My Current Inventory of Weldcraft River Jet Boats!!

$319 b/w (oac)
2014 Weldcraft 21' Legacy Jet Boat

2014 Weldcraft 21' Legacy River Jet Boat for Sale
Gorgeous Black Paint w/ Grey Interior, Superb Fit & Finish & Loaded with Options!
CUSTOM Rear High Deck w/ Corner Seats & Rails, Hardtop with Slider Windows & Roof Mounted Rocket Launchers & Spot Lights, Powered by 5.7 L Kodiak Engine with a HAMILTON 212 Pump. Perfectly Equipped with Hydraulic Trim Tabs, a Kicker Bracket, Aux Fuel Line, 70 Gallon Cross Fuel Tank, Swim Step w/ Ladder, Open Bow w/ Live Well, Sand Trap, Stomp Grate, D/P Side Wipers, Heater/Defroster, .250 Bottom, 12 degree Hull, Spring Ride Swivel Seats, Sleeper Bench Seating, CD Stereo, Wash Down Kit, Tandem Trailer w/ ALUMINUM WHEELS, Brakes, Swing Tongue & Spare + Lots More!
ZERO $Down & $319 b/w (oac)
Call Rick for More Pics & Info

$179 b/w (oac)

2014 Weldcraft 18' Renegade Sport Jet

2014 Weldcraft 18' Renegade Sport Jet
JUST - $174 b/w (oac)!
Crank the Tunes & Let 'er Rip - There's LOTS of Get Up & Go in this Baby! Good Looking w/ Polished Aluminum Bow & Stern Rails, Open Bow, Loaded with DASH MOUNT THROTTLE, Tilt Steering, Marine Stereo w/ 2 Speakers, 24" Bench Seats, Full Canopy, Gunnel Rod Storage, .EXTRA THICK .250 Bottom with SOLID Reverse Chines, Powered by Mercury 200 hp Sport Jet w/ Split Duct Reverse, Swim Step w/ Ladder, Sand Trap, Canopy w/ Removable Side & Rear Curtains, Driver/Passenger Side Wipers, 86" Beam, 42 Gallon Fuel Tank, 12 Degree Hull, Trailer w/ Brakes, LED Lights, Load Guides & Spare!
LOW PAYMENTS - $179 b/w (oac)!
Call Rick for Financing Pre-Approval!
More Pics Available!

2014 Weldcraft 18 Renegade River Boat

2014 Weldcraft 18 Renegade Jet Boat
JUST - $207 b/w (oac)!
Crank the Tunes & Let 'er Rip - There's LOTS of Get Up & Go in this Baby! Good Looking w/ Polished Aluminum Bow & Stern Rails, Open Bow w/ Fish Box, Loaded with DASH MOUNT THROTTLE, Tilt Steering, Marine Stereo w/ 2 Speakers, 24" Bench Seats, Full Canopy, Gunnel Rod Storage, .EXTRA THICK .250 Bottom with SOLID Reverse Chines, Powered by Kodiak 5.7 l Engine, American Turbine 309 Pump w/ Split Duct Reverse, Swim Step w/ Ladder, Sand Trap, Stomp Grate, Canopy w/ Removable Side & Rear Curtains, Driver/Passenger Side Wipers, Heater/Defroster, 86" Beam, 42 Gallon Fuel Tank, 12 Degree Hull, Trailer w/ Brakes, LED Lights, Load Guides & Spare!
LOW PAYMENTS - $207 b/w (oac)!
Call Rick for Financing Pre-Approval!
More Pics Available!

$229 b/w (oac)
2014 Weldcraft 19' Saber River Boat!

2014 Weldcraft 19' Saber River Jet Boat
Classy River Boat with Polished Aluminum Bow & Stern, Open Bow, Superb Fit & Finish & Loaded with DASH MOUNT THROTTLE, 32" Bench Seats, Stereo w/ 2 Speakers, Full Canopy, Gunnel Rod Storage, Powered by Kodiak 5.7 l Engine, American Turbine 309 Pump w/ Split Duct Reverse, Swim Step w/ Ladder, Sand Trap, Stomp Grate, Driver Side Wiper, Heater/Defroster, 95" Beam, 52 Gallon Fuel Tank, EXTRA THICK .250 Bottom, NEW SOLID Reverse Chine, 12 Degree Hull, Tandem Trailer w/ Brakes, LED Lights, Load Guides & Spare!

$229 b/w (oac)
Ask Rick for More Pics & Info!

Weldcraft 198 X

The ALL-NEW 198X from Weldcraft is making Waves Wherever there are Skinny Rivers to Run, Shallow Gravel Bars to Cross & Family Fun to be Had! The Weldcraft 198X is Built to Handle the Roughest Water while keeping Everyone & Everything onboard Safe & Dry!

A 1/4" (.250) bottom is Standard for the Ultimate Durability. You’re Firmly in Control with a Dash Mount Throttle Powering a Reliable & Fuel-Efficient 350 EFI V8 with an American Turbine SD-203 “Rock Crusher” Jet. The 198X Gets up & Goes in as Little as Two Boat lengths & Turns on a Dime!

The 198X Combines the Finest Upholstered Seating, Elegant Decor & Contemporary Design to Excite Everyone on Board!
An Entirely New Playground in Open for Your Enjoyment!

Weldcraft Aluminum Fishing Boats 

These Aluminum Boats are Exceptionally Well Built and Detailed from the Inside Out! Heavy gauge Aluminum Fishing Boats are very desirable as a Long Term Purchase by the Most Discriminating Fisherman. Among the Popular Fishing Boat models Weldcraft builds are an 18' Angler, 202 Rebel & 201 DV Maverick. Because Reliability is what these boats are all about - Weldcraft Boats come Equipped with Yamaha or Mercury Outboard motors too!

2014 Weldcraft 202 Rebel Fishing Boat

2014 Weldcraft 202 Rebel Fishing Boat for Sale
92" Beam with 14 Degree Hull!
Land the BIG ONES - this Proven Performer Features Plenty of Space in Back for Fishing, LARGE Transom Live Well, Room for Down Riggers, Full Canopy w/ Storage Boot, Upgraded Driver/Passenger Seats, Comfortable SLEEPER Bench Seating w/ Storage, Large Open Bow, Driver Side Wiper, Powered by a 150 hp Mercury Four Stroke on an Extended Transom. Tandem Axle Trailer w/ Surge Brakes & Spare Tire!!
You'll LOVE this Boat!
$187 b/w (oac)
Call for More PIcs

Weldcraft 20' Angler Aluminum Fishing Boat

Weldcraft 20' Angler Aluminum Fishing Boat
Great Family Convertible!!
Four Stroke Mercury 150 Four Stroke! Feel Secure inside this Angler that features 28" Interior Freeboard, Lots of Floor Space (154"), Bench Seats that double as Coolers (removable), Large Open Bow with Fish Box, Swim Step, Driver Side Wiper, Full Canopy with Side & Back Curtains, Lots of Rod Storage, .160 Bottom, 10 degree hull at Transom, 90" Beam, 34" Side Height, 27 gallon Fuel Capacity, Trailer with Surge Brakes & Spare Tire!
Zero $Down - Only $147 b/w (oac)!