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If You're Looking for a Used Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel or Toy Hauler NOW is the Time & THIS is the Place!

We're Currently stocking our Lot with some of the nicest used RVs in Alberta for you to choose from - whether you are a small family just getting into camping or an Experienced RVer, Our intention is to have Your Perfect RV on hand!

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We have Lighter Weight Travel Trailers for those towing with a 1/2 ton truck, Larger Toy Haulers & some Really Nicely Appointed 5th Wheels to Choose from!

Why Buy a New RV?
If You sat down and considered depreciation as part of the cost of owning an RV, You would likely give very careful consideration to buying a used one instead.
As a general rule of thumb, a Brand New RV will lose 20% of it's retail value THE MOMENT YOU DRIVE IT OFF THE SALES LOT! That means a $30,000 Travel Trailer has a selling price of $24,000 by the time you get it home - Oh, it get's worse.

The Trade Value (or wholesale value) of this same trailer will be closer to $19,000 in the same time frame. So You have just lost roughly 33% of the value of the trailer before You've even cracked a beer & flipped Your first burger at the camp site!

 Buying a Lightly Used RV makes financial sense. Most people use their RV recreationally - another way of saying "Not Very Often".
Maybe a 2 week holiday with the kids and the odd weekend here or there through the summer and it is put away for the winter. After a couple of years like this, they find they aren't using it as much and want to sell it off.
This is where You come in. Why not let the original owner absorb the hard 1st year's depreciation and warranty issues?

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