Find Conventional Style Enclosed Trailers with rear ramp doors or barn doors, Flat or V Front, Snowmobile Trailers, Utility Trailers & Motorcycle Trailers for Sale in Edmonton!

Are You Looking for a Cargo Trailer, Snowmobile Trailer, ATV Trailer, Horse Trailer, Concession Trailer, Utility Trailer, Enclosed Trailer or Motorcycle Trailer?

Edmonton Cargo Trailers: Sometimes referred to as enclosed trailer, cargo hauler & utility trailers these versatile products provide means for moving and storing items like an automobile, motorcycles, dirt bikes or ATVs. Commonly cargo trailers are enclosed trailers – that is, they are configured like a “box on wheels” and will incorporate access doors at the rear of the trailer as well as on the side. Standard enclosed cargo trailers often vary in length from 6’ to upward of 26’ and widths of 5’ to 8.6’ wide. Rear door configurations feature either swing or “barn” doors or a ramp door. Often times cargo trailers under 12’ in length are supported by a single 3500 lb axel, whereas enclosed trailers for sale over 12’ incorporate tandem axels to support the additional weight often hauler in these large utility

ATV Trailers for Sale: If you don’t want to carry your ATV, trail bike, KTM or dirt bikes on a flat bed trailer or truck deck, consider an enclosed cargo or utility trailer. This way, you can keep your toys dry and out of the weather while you transport and store them. There is also an advantage to a cargo trailer for your ATV that isn’t often mentioned – security. Storing your expensive toys in an enclosed trailer keeps the contents away from prying eyes.

Who uses Cargo Trailers? Trades people in Edmonton -  carpenter – plumber – electrician – handyman – painter – often find owning cargo trailers ideal for use on construction jobs as they have a dry, secure enclosed space to set up a work shop or store their construction tools and materials. These cargo trailers are often referred to as equipment trailers.

Used Trailers for Sale: I am asked, almost on a daily basis, whether I have used motorcycle trailers, used utility trailers, used enclosed trailers, used snowmobile trailers or used cargo trailers for sale. Sometimes I do have these trailers for sale BUT only if we have fully inspected them and can ensure that you won’t have to deal with bent axels, warped flooring, twisted frames and other damage the previous owner may have inflicted upon the trailer. As I look at the prices people are asking for used trailers for sale by owner, I am often surprised at how much money they are asking for them. New trailers feature factory warranties and, with proper use and maintenance, should last you a long, long time.

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Cargo Trailers, Motorcycle Trailers, Snowmobile Trailers, Utility Trailers

V Nose Cargo Trailers: Utility trailers of this sort are built to create more useable interior space by extending the front of the enclosed trailer in the shape of a wedge or “V” – hence the name. This V front extends over the front of the cargo trailer frame, thus not extending the overall trailer length while at the same time increasing the cubic feet of useable storage available to the trailer owner. Motorcycle trailers for sale are commonly designed with a V Nose on the front. 

Flat Front Cargo Trailers: These enclosed trailers are the most popular trailers for sale as they tend to be a less expensive trailer to purchase and, due to the variety of lengths & widths they are available in, lend themselves well to a variety of cargo uses. They are most often referred to as utility trailers because they appeal to a broad spectrum of users.

Car Hauler Trailers for Sale: Also known as a car trailer - typically uses a little heavier frame than common utility trailers to support the weight of an automobile, motorcycles, dirt bikes or ATVs. Maybe you race cars? Designed for all levels of competition these trailers are ideal for all types of race cars.  Motorcycle dealers, auto dealers, used auto dealers often use these cargo trailers to transport the sportbike, motor bikes, motorcycle parts, second hand dirt bikes & used cars they found for sale at the auto auction back to their used car dealerships. 

Snowmobile Trailers: These enclosed trailers are specifically designed to transport snow machines. Part of the design includes an 8.6’ wide cargo box, with the tandem torsion axels beneath the floor, a drive on/drive off front and rear twin ramp design and side fuelling door for your snow mobiles. Some snowmobile trailers have a furnace, D-Rings to tie down your snow machine, cabinets built in for helmets and snowmobile part accessories as well as insulation throughout to keep you warm. Don’t you wish you knew how to make snow? With so many snowmobiles for sale – like Arctic Cat and Ski Doo sleds for sale and all the snowmobile parts available a fella who could use a a snowmachine to create snowfall would have snow mobile enthusiasts lining up to ride!                    

Motorcycle Trailer: Whether you currently own motor bikes, dirt bikes or have been searching ads for dirt bikes for sale (second hand dirt bikes) or looking to buy motorcycle chances are you’ll need an enclosed trailer to transport them as well as any motorcycle parts, motorcycle salvage and motorcycle accessories around in. A motorcycle trailer is a cargo trailer that is specially designed to be lightweight and easy to tow with smaller vehicle. These motorcycle trailers are often single axel, V Nose with rear ramp door, side door and tie downs (or E track) for your bike. If you own trikes, chances are you may need an enclosed trailer that is wider than the standard 5’ width to store it in. These are widely popular amongst bike racers and motorcycle dealers.