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SOLD Adrenaline Junkies Wanted! 2009 Fuzion w/ 14’ Garage/Gen

Year: 2009
Make: Fuzion
Model: FZ 393
Price: SOLD!
Dry Weight: 13,390 lbs
Stock #: MB-10314


Adrenaline junkies wanted. Let’s be honest, this rugged beauty is not for everyone. To weed out the unworthy and unqualified, we’re legally required to ask the following questions. (A “no” to any of these is an automatic disqualification. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.) 
Do you own motorcycles, ATVs, snowboards, mountain bikes, kayaks, or a seriously tricked-out golf cart? Have you ever wanted to own a party bus? Do you think jet packs are a good idea? Have you ever said the phrase, “Hold my beer?” Do you consider gasoline to be a brand of cologne? Are you in a recovery group for victims of whiskey throttle? 
If you answered yes to all of the above, congratulations, you made it to the semi finals. 
This 2009 Fuzion is a gearhead’s playhouse. The oversized garage makes it a class A+ toy hauler. Most toy hauler garages are 10 feet, but the Fuzion’s garage is 12 feet. That’s two whole feet! (Like you hopefully have, but knowing your lifestyle, statistically, not always the case.) 
The electric bunk beds in the back can sleep your pit crew or slide up and out of the way to load and store every toy your adventure requires. 
The vapor wall separating the garage from the main cabin blocks both gasoline fumes and beer farts, so whatever engines or friends you store back there won’t interfere with what’s going on up front. Includes a TV and DVD player to keep them entertained. 
The main deck features a slideout U-shaped dinette that can fit your whole crew, as well as a standup bar alongside the peninsula kitchen. (Check it out, there’s even a foot rail.) Fridge, stove, oven, microwave, and sink means you can chill, fry, bake, nuke, and wash whatever you want. 
Dining room flatscreen is ready for your GoPro highlight reels. Have a toast to the wins, losses, and hilarious wipeouts endured that day. 
With a queen bed up front and a giant loft bed above the garage, the Fuzion’s beds sleep at least 8 people. If you include the extensive floor and counter space; the amount of people it sleeps is only limited by your creativity and how much you had to drink that night. (Ain’t that right, Rick?) 
Bathroom? Of course! Just because you’re crazy doesn’t mean you’re uncivilized. 
Still interested? You just made it to the finals. Welcome. 
Did we mention the refuel station? (No, we’re not talking about the liquor cabinet.) We’re talking a full-on gas station that is built into the Fuzion, so nobody has to run into town to fill up. (Unless we really are talking about the liquor cabinet, then...) 
Also included is a generator with only 435 hours. (That’s about two and a half weeks, which is the average length of a good adventure, if you’re doing it right.) 
Point being, this toy hauler is a fully functional mobile garage that can handle a full crew on their search for the next adrenaline rush. 
Is that you? Are you still reading this? Well then, good game champ. Sounds like you mean business. Come get your trophy.

2009 Fuzion FZ 393

Rugged 14' Garage 

The decals are rough. If that bothers you, we have others

$38,898 - Financing Available Too

Fully Bonded & AMVIC Licensed