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SOLD! Go Anywhere, Bad A**! Combo Dually Dodge & Winter Camper

Dry Weight: 2868 lbs
Make: Dodge/Northern Lite
Model: 3500 Laramie/10-2000
Stock #: AS-83285/AS-6903N
Year: 2003

Winter camping is better than summer camping. Fight me.

Summer camping is easy. Anyone can do it. Even weak half-baked humans, like children.

That’s why you see so many of them when it’s warm.

But winter? None. No screaming, no crying, no whining. Just pure peace and quiet.

Winter camping lets you miss out on all the snakes and bugs and other creepy crawlies.

You get all the national parks to yourself. The few campers who’re crazy enough to be out there too are your kinda people.

And there’s nothing like a winter campfire.

At the end of the day, winter camping gives you a greater appreciation for hot coffee, hearty meals, and cozy blankets.

If you’re ready for the real camping season to start, then we’ve got a rig with your name on it.

This is a two-fer. A 2003 Dodge dually with a 2003 Northern Lite truck camper to match.

This truck and camper set is a nomadic travel duet. Big enough to camp comfortably and small enough to explore where most tow-behinds can’t, leaving you the best spots.

The four-seater one-ton comes with double doors and leather interior. This is a gearhead’s truck, with a six-speed manual tranny with a pre-emission Cummins diesel. She’s a tough gal, with solid rubber and only 165k kilometers racked up.

The Northern Lite camper is winterized and thrives in sub-zero temps. Over a thousand pounds lighter than an Arctic Fox, better mold construction than a Lance, and superior design over the Bigfoot, with a low-maintenance double-sealed fiberglass shell.

No slide outs, those are for wussies.

Here’s five reasons why you don’t need ‘em. First, they’re mechanical. Mechanical things need maintenance and repair.

Second, the little space a slide adds isn’t worth the extra thousand pounds. This camper is built to be lightweight, at just over 2,800lbs.

Third, the slide is where they put the toilet. So if nature calls while you’re driving, you better hope that slide comes out faster than your tummy rumblings.

Fourth, slides let heat escape, and winter campers know that warmth is a precious commodity that shouldn’t be compromised.

Fifth, slideouts steal precious power. No slide saves you degrees, watts, pounds, and chiefly, dollars.

This camper’s tall enough for a 6 foot 4 tutu-wearing Sasquatch to pirouette, if he takes off his tiara. The queen bed has enough headroom for that hairy ballerina to sit up or stretch out. A face-to-face dinette seats two Sasquatches for romantic dinners (ain’t that right, Rick?)

A full kitchen with fridge, stove, oven, sink, and plenty of cabinet space means you can cook, wash, and store all your food, dishes, and gadgets.

Complete with a wet bath toilet/shower combo and a beefy thermostat and you’ve got yourself a cushy tiny home on wheels.

You like five star hotels? This is a five thousand star hotel.

This gal is just itching to get out there for some real camping. No prep work needed. All you need to do is come get the keys.

So simple, she inspires poetry:

No slides to close

No trailer to hitch

Just drive away in the son of a…