Position: Sales

Type: Full-Time


Tedious People Need Not Apply. But you’re not tedious, are you?

You’re curious, we like that about you. You decided to read this. You’re fun, goal oriented, and creative. You’re upbeat, bouncy, optimistic, and passionate.  

But most of all you’re authentic.  

You decided at a very young age you didn’t want to live a hollow life. You’re smarter than most but you’re not so full of yourself that there’s no room for anyone else.  

You like people and you want them to like you.  

You’re designing a life for yourself by setting goals and taking personal responsibility for whether or not those goals are reached but you’re at your best when working with a team. Like I said, you’re a people person.  

That’s why you’re capable of handling difficult customer conversations with style and grace and charm. Coworkers are encouraged by your transparency and your optimism. You’re a daily contributor to a positive team environment. You don’t feel handcuffed by systems and processes. You consider them to be tools that help you accomplish big things quickly.


Who are we? 

We’re an RV dealership on an upward trajectory in our 8th year of business. We Consign & Sell RVs and Boats all year round, and we need Your help bringing them in and selling them. We believe used RVs are better than new ones. We’re so confident in it that we offer a Buy Back Promise. We believe you deserve a base salary - plus bonuses, plus commissions and a benefit package. We believe you should be afforded the opportunity to advance in our company and We believe in being closed Sundays & Holidays. 

Life is crazy busy good around here. 

How crazy busy? 

Already this year, our website traffic is up over 300% over 2021 which means we’ll have over 10,000 sales and consignment leads to handle. Once the snow melts, we’ll average 133 phone calls per month, over 250 email leads and our walk-in traffic is insane.  

This is a cry for help. 

Can you see yourself stepping into this career? Our average sales associate made $83,000 last year. Not the top producer, the average producer.

We’re authentic and transparent. We accept complete responsibility; we never make excuses. Are you one of us? 

You deserve to know that we serve two distinctly different clients here. 

People experiencing changes in life bring us their RVs to sell for a variety of reasons, some of which are not so pleasant - like family break-ups, a spouse passing away, financial pressures and some people have simply decided that the RV lifestyle is not for them any longer. You’ll need to be sensitive to that. 

People who buy used RVs from us value family time, recreational fishing, quadding, hunting and camping. They recognize that owning an RV is a means to an end. They are overworked and well paid. They want us to make their buying experience easy and they pay us well for it. 

Can you quickly establish positive rapport face to face? Can you present valuable products with confidence? Are you prepared to embrace and implement a system of education and selling?  

You have a proven track record as an effective sales consultant and an inside or outside sales role, ie. automotive, cellular, real estate, investment services, or office equipment, etc. You have at least two years of sales experience with measurable results and you’re detail oriented and willing to embrace a structured process. You are highly disciplined. You have a natural energy and an outgoing personality. 


Here are the details of the job.  


  • For sellers of RVs - You’ll be asked to learn our intake and appraisal process, consigning used RVs by taking inbound inquiries and making outbound contact with the sellers of RVs (yes – cold calls, but we have scripts for that).  


  • For buyers of RVs – you’ll be asked to learn our inventory, follow our guest interview script, show and display RVs, present options to clients and to close sales. You’ll teach our clients about the hidden features and functional benefits of our products. 


You’ll be responsible for organizing your five-day work week, booking appointments, following up on new and existing inquiries and clients, and expanding your knowledge of personality types, buying patterns, RV features, presentation, persuasion, and sales techniques. We want to help you with that. 

The last section was the tedious part, the daily part. In other words, the last section was the job. We have it open. What we don’t have is you.  

Are you coming? 

Send Your resume to Rick! Click here.



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