Position: RV Lot Attendant/Handyman

Location: Spruce Grove or Leduc, AB

Type: Full-Time


We’re a small RV company on an upward trajectory (That's Right, Bob)

You’re very comfortable with towing trailers with a pick-up and you’ve never met a tractor you can’t learn to operate.

You're focused. A problem solver who likes fixing things, you’re handy with tools, enjoy trouble-shooting and demonstrate a willingness to learn but... can you be taught?

'Cause we have a certain way of doin' things here.

Do you like dressing up?

'Cause you may have to wear a number of hats here.

Will you park our trailers, run short errands, sweep floors and perform small repairs - all before noon?

Experience in the RV or Boat industry is an asset, but not a requirement.

For us, character trumps talent.

You'll find plenty of room to grow and advance here.

We need an RV lot attendant who can also work with their hands.

We have a JCB tractor, a pick-up truck, a benefit package and a LOT of trailers.

We have the opening.
What we don't have is you.

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Rick by clicking here.

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