Position: RV Show-Thru Specialist

Location: Spruce Grove

Type: Part-Time

Compensation:  $125 for each orientation you do (Earning potential is between $25,000-$32,000 per season)


This Perfect part-time position is available and will require some Saturday work.

If you love helping people and have experience owning and using RVs, we want to talk to you!

This position will be a great opportunity for you to share your RV knowledge with our purchasers.

We are looking for someone to familiarize our clients with the used RVs they have purchased from us.

You get to meet people who are excited about owning an RV – whether they are experienced pros or newbies.

You’ll be required to arrive 1 hr prior to our clients’ appointments, show them the ins and outs of the trailer, and help them hitch up to their trucks as well.

The whole process should be no longer than 2 hrs per trailer (and you may be doing more than 1 per day).

You’re comfortable building weight distribution hitches (we’ll make it easy for you), showing clients how to check their running lights, brakes, etc before sending them down the road.

We will supply you with a company uniform, and training.

We'll pay you $125 for each orientation you do. Earning potential $25,000-$32,000 per season (that’s not bad, is it?)

We have the opening. What we don't have is you.

Send your resume to Rick! Click here.

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